A tour guide refers to the person who takes tourists around the park or the tour area. You must possess some characteristics for you to be a successful tour guide. One, a good tour guide should have good communication skills. You should be able to communicate with different people daily. Bearing in mind that tourists come and go, you should, therefore, be prepared to meet new faces each day. The way you communicate with each tourist will determine the future of that park or the nation at large.  Read here to know about the Tour Guide Georgia.


You should be personable and outgoing. Being personable and outgoing means that you can be able to make a new group of people feel at home and the right place once they come to you. You will, therefore, be required to give such a group of people a very warm welcoming. The welcoming will remove the tension the people may have developed. The other characteristic you should have is humor. Humor will be able to break the people's tension. When you make people laugh, they will develop the courage to ask questions during your tour. This will make you more reliable and efficient.  Visit: tourguide.ge for more info.


Also, you are knowledgeable enough. You should have a clear understanding of the area you are working in. having a good understanding of the place will help you not to get lost on your trip and will also help you take the shortest and safest route possible. This will reduce the distance and your group will not get tired so much during the trip. It is also advisable to have a good memory of the area. You should know what and when to explain it to your group. You must, therefore, remember the existence and history of the animals inside your park.


The other characteristic you should have is the passion for your city and country at large. The tourists play a very vital role in a country’s economy. You should, therefore, have the skills and attitude needed to make tourists comfortable in your park. You should be positive-minded when explaining critical information to the tourists.  A good tour guide should be patriotic of his/her country. You should also have a keen sense of direction. Apart from knowing where you are going, you should also be able to give clear directions to the tourists who need one, without them experiencing difficulties in locating the place they want. You should also observe punctuality. You should be punctual enough to avoid delaying the tourists. Remember that some tourists may develop a negative attitude when you arrive late and they may feel unwanted and therefore not return to your park or to your country again. You should, therefore, be punctual always.  Click here for more details: https://www.encyclopedia.com/economics/news-and-education-magazines/tour-escort.